Behind the elimaginario signature we can find the visual artist Jesús de las Heras.

This native from Madrid has developed his career fully linked to the audiovisual field.

His beginnings as a filmmaker and post-producer in television and advertising, in production companies such as Mandarina Films or La Movie and for clients like BMW, SCHWEPPES, VODAFONE, helped him learn tools and resources that will shape in the future his style and manner of communicating visuals.

Due to his passion about electronic music he flirted with the figure of the VJ from the beginning. He played gigs in small clubs in Madrid and actively participated in the rave scene in Amsterdam during the years he lived there.

It was in 2007 when he moved to Ibiza and became a 100% professional VJ. Thanks to the showcase that involved working in clubs such as Space, Amnesia and Privilege and his work as VJ producer of visual content for innumerable promoters, he reached to make visual sets alongside with artists such as Marco Carola, Carl Cox , Marco Bayle and many more. London, Geneva, Barcelona, NYC, Paris, Milano ... have been destinations for elimaginario and his visuals during the last 10 years.

In 2011 his work as Visual & Stage Designer caught the eye of the promoters of a new party called Music On, by Marco Carola, currently one of the most powerful and avant-garde events on the electronic music scene.

In 2015 he surprises with a new facet as an amateur podcaster. He founded along with colleagues in the sector, Visuals For The Masses a radio podcast about visuals, Spanish speaking and using an outstanding jocular and light tone. It got more than a good reception by the listeners and specialized audience.

In 2016 he founded llUll Renderings, a visual label and online store, collaborating with other artists in the creation of content packs for VJ's. Clearly focused to imitate the operation of an independent record label where the artist chooses what he wants to tell with each videoloop.

One of the great achievements of Elimaginario is being surrounded by VJ's collaborators and experts in different fields that allows him to explore R & D resources and techniques to apply them under his style, to all kind of spaces, type of music or events.

He is currently starting his participation on different festivals of light and art, such as Ibiza Light Festival, using the audiovisual installation as a part of the urban scene. His monumental proposals are intended to "dazzle and invite to imagine".

This type of initiative and his eclectic taste for suprematism, minimalism, trash noise, his obsession with red and other fetishes, have made this visual artist to be a reference in the guild, with a level of visibility and prestige unprecedented in its sector.

¿te imaginas?

Visuals from Heart by elimaginario.

Video Inspirational


  • Soft: Final Cut. Premier, After Effects. Cinema4D. Resolume. MadMapper.
  • Music: Goom Gumpas. Aphex twin.

Reel Publicidad de elimaginario.

Dando servicio como Post-productor, Realizador, Montador.En productoras como;
  • Marcas como BMW, VODAFONE, ING DIRECT y más.
  • Soft: Final Cut. Premier, After Effects. Combustion. Cinema4D.
  • Music: Tanguito. Cruz

Productora: Mandaria Films

Campaña Nacional para AIREUROPA

Realizador: Cesar Perez de Tudela,

Post-produccion: "elimaginario" codo con codo con Alejandro Moreira y con mi admirado Senior Hector Gomez.

Croma key y Grafismos


Realizador: elimaginario.


Video Maker: elimaginario.

Video Clip de la cancion "The Face of Ibiza" de Baby Marcelo

para la promotora Espectaculos MOB. THE FACE.



Video Maker: elimaginario.

Video promocional de la Fiesta "The Face of Ibiza"

  • Hardware: Camara Canon 60D, lapiz y papel ;)
  • Soft: Photoshop, After Effects, Final Cut

Produced by Chancleta films
Director: Pacool
Producer: Cecilia Krull
Director of photography: Pacool
Edited by Pacool
Motion Graphics: Jesus de las Heras, Elimaginario
Steadycam: Enrique Fernandez Ortiz



Director: Alberto Martos

Motion Graphics: elimaginario

  • Soft: Cinema4d, Photoshop, After Effects.



Promo de elimaginario por elimaginario ;)

  • Camara: DSLR Canon 60D.
  • Soft: Final Cut, After Effects, Cinema4D




Video Promo Music On NYE 2013


Un intento de captar la energia de la terraza de Amnesia Ibiza. Un momento de grandeza, una anecdota para todo la vida... no se explicarlo con palabras. :)

  • Para este video utilizamos una camara DSLR (Canon 5D) y una Steady Cam (Merlin). Como operador de camara conte con la colaboracion de Massimo Aspide, Gustavo Muñoz y Fernando Valencia.
  • Soft: Premier, After Effects, Twixtor plug-in, Optical Flares Plug-in. Cinema4D.
  • Music: Fracmento extraido de una sesion de Leon en Miami.

Video Flyer Music On New York Residency


  • Soft: Premier, After Effects, Optical Flares Plug-in. Cinema4D.


  • Music: Fracmento extraido de la sesion Take One de Marco Carola

Post-produccion con Pacool para Chancleta Films en el VideoClip "Mi Mensaje" de Fyahbwoy


Director: Pacool.

Post-produccion: elimaginario




After Effects, Optical Flares Plug-in. Cinema4D.



Video Flyer Music On Miami Residency


  • Soft: Premier, After Effects, Optical Flares Plug-in. Cinema4D.


  • Music: Fracmento extraido de la sesion Take One de Marco Carola